Making every pen SMART.


Inkerz takes the tried and true utility of the old overhead projectors that we all know and love (or hate) and brings it into the modern digital world. Soon teachers can use any pen and any paper with any camera and project directly to student devices. Math and chemistry teachers can walk students through complex equations and art teachers can demonstrate methods stroke by stroke right in front of each student.




Simplifying search, licensing, and alignment of video content from the world's most respected content providers.  

Boclips has removed the hassle of finding content and obtaining licenses from content providers. They’ve aggregated over 3 million videos into a single cloud-based video platform. Proprietary algorithms then map these clips to the curricula and courses used by education providers around the world. This ensures relevant search results for course designers, instructors, and students. All videos are rights-ready for education and updated daily—so there’s no confusion and no delays.




A new kind of laboratory for the social sciences.

When students learn biology, physics, or even psychology, they often do experiments. They explore and discover first hand on the inner workings of things. Why hasn’t this been the case for studying economics, management, or the social sciences in general? MobLab has created a new kind of laboratory because the social world cannot be explored with old equipment. MobLab connects students in virtual platforms to play games that will help them learn first hand the principles of the social sciences.






We're not just delivering a communication tool... we're helping build a community.

Pronto brings a campus community feel to a student's mobile device by providing technology that connects students with mentors, instructors, administrators, and most importantly, one another. Like a slack for education students can quickly create groups, communicate and collaborate at anytime. Pronto facilitates a true social learning community.