Our vision - in partnership with a select portfolio of high-ranking universities - is to become the world's leading provider of online and blended higher education. Leveraging decades of global higher education experience, CEG Digital provides a unique combination of financial resources, teaching expertise, and global market knowledge and insights to unlock the online learning market for both students and universities.






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Your academics/Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) work 1:1 with one of our experienced Learning Designers all the way from conception to completion. Our highly experienced team use their expertise to advise on assessment strategy, module mapping, media creation, social/active learning, and more. All our courses are designed according to our unique pedagogical framework, which is inspired by the Course Design Sprint Framework developed at Imperial College London and the University of Liverpool.


Our multimedia production team works in collaboration with the Academic/SME and our Learning Designer to create top-end media assets, such as videos and podcasts, which increase learner engagement and improve knowledge acquisition and retention. The team is highly proficient in all contemporary media design and production techniques, with access to the full range of related software and hardware.


Once each unit/week is designed, our web team apply unique development techniques to build engaging, user-friendly content for your chosen platform. We are completely ‘platform agnostic’ (we can build in any platform) and have all the programming capabilities required to meet any technical brief, including bespoke development work.


The Production Management team oversees all academic development activity and coordinates communication between stakeholders at every stage of the project. The team creates the production schedule, tracks progress against agreed milestones and ensures that all content has been through our comprehensive quality assurance process.


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Dr Emma Wolverson, Clinical Lecturer, University of Hull

"The whole Academic Development team have been really supportive and responsive. Overall, I have been really impressed with the team's professionalism. They are extremely friendly and approachable and have become valued colleagues."



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