Etudes, Inc. provides tools to make online teaching easier and more effective, and make online learning more successful. Our tools seamlessly and deeply integrate into Canvas to extend the learning management system with premium features. Etudes, Inc. is a Non-profit organization, offering institutions and organizations quality applications at an affordable cost.






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Adjust-All HQ is an LTI (Learning Tool Interoperability) external application that integrates tightly with Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) and offers the ability to adjust all course dates and control various settings from one place! Installed in ALL the courses in your organization’s Canvas instance, it helps your instructors work more efficiently, create better organized courses, and allow for quality control. Adjust-All HQ is group and section-aware, enabling instructors to work with a specific subset of items in a course.


CourseEval HQ is an LTI external application that integrates tightly with Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) and provides an easy-to-use and powerful course evaluation functionality. It offers efficient creation and distribution of student evaluations campus-wide, within a division, or a single course.



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Training in how to use the features of Canvas, as well as courses on pedagogy, evaluating online courses, humanizing online classes, and much more.





On Training and Support

“Between the Users Group, best practices workshops, and annual events, Etudes offers an environment that is uniquely social and supportive to users across its members. After a while, attending Etudes events feels like going to a reunion.” -– Jenn Azzaro, E-Learning Coordinator, San Joaquin Delta College

On CourseEval HQ application

"I was tremendously relieved to find a perfect solution (CourseEval HQ) to administer confidential course evaluation surveys in online courses. The features of this tool that I most appreciate are ease of use and setup, automated distribution of results via email, response-rate reporting, and affordability." –Dr. Judy Baker, Dean of Foothill Online Learning

On Adjust-All HQ application

"I LOVE this add-on application! For me, not having a tool like this has been the biggest drawback of Canvas. I'm very happy there's a work around now, thanks to Adjust-All HQ!" --Foothill College faculty member



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Contact: Vivie Sinou
274 Redwood Shores PWKY #335
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