If you need to manage both in-seat and online courses, GoSignMeUp is the only solution. Need to charge for courses, sell materials or offer an external catalog to a public market? Call GoSignMeUp! Promote paid or free programs with GoSignMeUp's institution branded storefront catalog. If you would like to use your Learning Management system for Professional Development, GoSignMeUp is your answer! Manage both in-seat and online courses in one place - offer LMS courses to the public! Turn your LMS in to an income stream using GoSignMeUp! To learn more about how you can integrate Canvas Learning in to GoSignMeUp give us a call at 1-888-286-4826, or visit http://canvas.gosignmeup.com/. Expand your potential by adding Canvas Learning to your GoSignMeUp installation!






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GoSignMeUp Online Registration Software integrates with Canvas LMS to allow you to manage both in-seat and online courses. Take advantage of the many automated GoSignMeUp features, such as automatic email reminders, automated completion certificates, printing name tags and sign-in sheets, to enhance your Canvas LMS. Use our institution-branded storefront catalog to allow users to search and sign-up for classes. You can also charge for classes and materials. On the back end, manage the data with a host of powerful reports. Track Continuing Education Credits and other training-specific information.


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Benefits of adding GoSignMeUp Registration Software to your Canvas LMS.

Leverage Canvas' Single Sign On (SSO) technology or create a new student account in GoSignMeUp, and it will automatically create an account in Canvas.

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GoSignMeUp & Canvas Integration

GoSignMeUp & Canvas Integration

GoSignMeUp provides easy to use and powerful tools for online class registration. It’s unique integration with Canvas delivers some very rich and useful solutions. GoSignMeUp provides a registration portal that allows for the students to enroll in (and pay for) Canvas and in-seat classes, as well as monitor their progress. When one signs up for a Canvas class, they will automatically receive an email confirmation from GoSignMeUp. This email confirmation includes a link to their Canvas Account where they then can access to the content they just signed up for. Should they not have a Canvas Account, GoSignMeUp will create one for them. Additionally, students can sign up for in-seat classes. GoSignMeUp gives you the ability to have a single registration system for all your classes. To make things even easier, GoSignMeUp delivers a single sign-on solution allowing students to log into GoSignMeUp using their Canvas username and password. GoSignMeUp offers excellent analytics and reporting, such as tracking educational units and credits, transcript reporting, class history, payments, data mining and much more. These flexible reports can be customized and exported into Excel. Our analytics are perfect for federal, state and local reporting as well to fine tune and modify classes and course pathways. The bottom line is GoSignMeUp and Canvas deliver a powerful, practical, and complete solution from Registration to Content Delivery, to Reporting and Analytics.

Canvas Learning Management System Integrates with GoSignMeUp Registration

Canvas Learning Management System Integrates with GoSignMeUp Registration

To learn more about how Canvas and GoSignMeUp combine to create a turn-key professional development solution, visit canvas.gosignmeup.com. Whether you’re a professional development organization, or a school looking to expand your internal PD program, the combination of Canvas and GoSignMeUp provides you with a streamlined solution to deliver courses from registration to content-delivery to closeout. To visualize how Canvas and GoSignMeUp facilitate professional development, imagine a bookshelf; the books are the content and teaching tools inside of Canvas and the bookends that hold everything together are GoSignMeUp! On the front end, GoSignMeUp simplifies enrollment to an external audience by making it easy for users to search for courses, sign-up for them, pay, and get enrolled. Once the course starts, Canvas is where the course lives. Canvas is an easy-to-use, cloud-based learning management system (LMS) that connects all the digital tools and resources teachers use into one simple place. It integrates seamlessly with hundreds of apps, empowering teachers and students with countless tools to make teaching and learning easier and more fun. On the back end, GoSignMeUp manages the administration of the program like tracking course education units, transcript reporting, and sending out surveys and completion certificates! Plus, our powerful analytics are perfect for federal, state, and local reporting as well, to fine-tune and modify classes and course pathways. And there it is: a streamlined, yet robust, professional development program. With Canvas and GoSignMeUp, teachers get a modern learning platform to develop their skills and administrators get a powerful tool to manage the whole program!

GoSignMeUp is Fully Customizable

GoSignMeUp is Fully Customizable

GoSignMeUp online registration software is fully customizable to match your current corporate branding strategy. You can control everything - from the web address, how emails look, the terminolo...

Go Register! Search, Sign-up & Pay

Go Register! Search, Sign-up & Pay

It's easy for registrants to search, sign-up and pay for courses using GoSignMeUp! From the public-side course catalog, there are many ways to search for a class. On the left hand side are main categories of classes to organize your course listings. When you create a new course in GoSignMeUp, you determine what the main category is. These categories are customized by you. Clicking on a main category reveals the subcategories which further breakdown and granulate to the classes themselves. Click on a subcategory, and the classes in it appear on the right side. These listings can be sorted alphabetically, by course title, location or chronologically by date. you can decide which is the default. For in-seat courses the physical location is also listed, including a hyper-linked map. The courses can be displayed in list view or tile view. Tile view allows you to assign a graphic element to identify your courses, while list view is a more space-efficient way to display many courses.....



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