Portfolium partners with colleges and universities to help students connect learning with opportunity. Our ePortfolio network helps millions of students from over 2,500 academic institutions showcase evidence and artifacts proving their skills and competencies, while providing educators with the tools they need to assess learning outcomes and drive student success.






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Activate Portfolium to transform Canvas into a complete Student Success Platform! Learn more about Portfolium's all-in-one, faculty and student-friendly experience: Engage Students - Support and guide students along learning pathways that link to free, lifelong ePortfolios. Assess Outcomes - Automatically measure and report on on the full range of outcomes from learner engagement, to student learning outcomes (SLOs), all the way through job placement! Badge Achievements - Re-use rubrics and recycle assessment data to automate standards-based badging with ease.



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Learn more about how Portfolium empowers students to convert skills they learned in school into job offers after they graduate.

Learn more about Portfolium's next-generation assessment platform

How Tarleton State University exchanged an antiquated ePortfolio provider with low adoption rates and time-consuming support needs for Portfolium

Join Adam Buchwald, CIO of Lewis & Clark College and Portfolium in a discussion of how digital badging & assessment are becoming one and the same process.

Learn the process that one university has employed for re-envisioning ePortfolios on their campus in response to campus change initiatives.

Enable seamless academic and co-curricular assessment of student learning outcomes within Canvas LMS





University of Pennsylvania

Penn Selects Portfolium to Enhance its Career Services’ Offerings to Students http://www.prweb.com/releases/2016/11/prweb13834363.htm

California State University System

Portfolium Partners with Cal State University System, Helping 460K students and 3M Alumni from all 23 CSU Campuses Make the Leap From College to Career with ePortfolios http://www.prweb.com/releases/portfolium/partners_with_csu_system/prweb13001563.htm

University of California System

Portfolium Extends Its Partnership with the University of California System to Offer ePortfolio and Career Readiness Networks Across all 9 UC Campuses http://www.prweb.com/releases/2015/08/prweb12912512.htm

University System of Georgia

Portfolium.com Partners with University System of Georgia to Close Skills Gap Between Students and Employers http://www.prweb.com/releases/the-usg-adopts/portfolium/prweb13644282.htm

Foundation for California Community Colleges

Portfolium Plugs into 2.1M California Community College Students http://www.prweb.com/releases/2016/01/prweb13170413.htm

The University of Alabama

The University of Alabama and Portfolium Partner to Match Evidence of Skills to Employers' Needs http://www.prweb.com/releases/2016/12/prweb13938962.htm

The Ohio State University

Ohio State’s College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences Partners with ePortfolio Innovator Portfolium to Enhance the Career Search Process http://www.prweb.com/releases/2017/02/prweb14037390.htm

Radford University

“Portfolium is a great tool for driving our school’s mission, and to enhance civic and community engagement learning outcomes while prioritizing competency-based education." Charles Cosmato, Director of Radford University’s Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning

University of Texas at San Antonio

UT San Antonio selects Portfolium

Florida International University

FIU selects Portfolium

Cal State Fullerton

"Portfolium provided an extremely efficient and economical platform for managing our digital skills course by allowing us to document and report on the digital competencies students were already learning throughout their academic journey." - Doug Swanson, (Interim) Associate Dean, College of Communications

Thomas Jefferson University

"Since navigating Portfolium is as intuitive as navigating a consumer Internet or social networking site, we have now removed excess friction for accreditors." - Jennifer Bello, Associate Professor, Director of Doctor of Nursing Program

Tarleton State University

"Portfolium checked every box: Ease of use and implementation, portability for students after graduation, cost effectiveness, and the modern look and feel. Portfolium’s ability to connect students with employers aligned with our administration’s vision of ePortfolios." Justin Carell, Technology Support Specialist

Eastern Michigan University

“Portfolium offers the most robust platform for multiple purposes, integrates seamlessly with Canvas, and affords students a long term tool to represent and market their educational experience." Michael Tew, Associate Provost & Associate VP for Academic Programming & Services at EMU

Brigham Young University - Idaho

"BYU-Idaho students and alumni will benefit from free, lifelong access to Portfolium, and BYU-Idaho hopes to expand upon its ability to measure student progress through and beyond graduation using Portfolium’s reporting and analytics capabilities."

Purdue University

“We chose Portfolium because it had the most user friendly design and functionality towards career readiness,” said James R. Hintz, Director of Leadership and Professional Development Initiative at Purdue University, “along with its capability to connect with various other products our students use.”

Virginia Tech

“Portfolium will serve as a smart hub for our students to expertly showcase their best work and will enable connections with potential employers, researchers, and other students,” said Stefanie Metko, Director, Teaching and Learning Engagement, a unit within the University Libraries at Virginia Tech.

Slippery Rock University

“Portfolium is like LinkedIn on steroids; the potential connections to employers offered by this program is going to make it much easier for students to effectively display their full body of work,” said Dr. Lawrence Shao, Dean of the College of Business.

University of Minnesota Rochester

“We selected Portfolium because of its LTI-based assignment sync and grade exchange with Canvas and other learning management systems, and because of how incredibly easy it is for students and faculty to use,” said Norman Clark, Administrative Director of Academic Programs.

University of St. Thomas

“We chose Portfolium for its unique ability to measure the skills earned at a variety of levels and better evaluate the career readiness of our students. The seamless integration with Canvas, our learning management system, was the icing on the cake.” John Kinsella, Instructional Technologist

Wilmington University

“Portfolium truly fits all the needs that the faculty identified after assessing the career services requirements of our students,” said Dr. Sallie Reissman, Associate Vice President and Dean of the College of Online and Experiential Learning

University of Georgia

“We prioritize student development and are always looking for ways to help students better understand the skills and competencies they gain throughout their time at UGA and feel Portfolium’s user-friendliness and visual appeal will be a great tool to support this priority.” Maggie O’Brien, Career Consultant

National Louis University

“Portfolium provides a user-friendly interface that will enable our students to maximize the benefits of their ePortfolio to springboard their careers and pursue their passions in the workforce,” said Steve Neer, Assistant Vice Provost of Advising and Retention

Salve Regina University

“Portfolium is the ePortfolio platform that resonates with the needs of higher education in a post-2008 world.” Dr. Barbara LoMonaco, Vice President for Student Affairs





Portfolium for Educators

Portfolium for Educators

Portfolium is an ePortfolio unlike any other. It's only ePortfolio that makes classroom work portable and reportable for students while providing academic institutions with customizable tools and valuable insights.

Portfolium Assessment - Assessment without boundaries.

Portfolium Assessment - Assessment without boundaries.

Portfolium Assessment is a powerful, next-generation software platform for easily assessing and reporting student learning outcomes in support of both academic accreditation and validation of co-curricular learning. The platform boasts radical ease-of-use for administrators and faculty, and also helps students retain and showcase validated competencies in lifelong ePortfolios at no cost.

Portfolium BadgeLink & Pathways

Portfolium BadgeLink & Pathways

With Portfolium BadgeLink, your institution can: - Link badge criteria to competencies - Issue badges based on evaluation of evidence - Automate badge issuance - Unlock badges from the LMS by making them truly portable - Deposit badges directly into employer-searchable ePortfolios - Measure the performance of your badging initiative



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Phone: 6197566022
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