SDPA is nationally recognized and listed as a model program by the National Dropout Prevention Network. We provide educational support to schools and school districts. Our focus is student achievement through providing teachers with quality online and face-to face professional development and training, preparing school leaders to be more effective, helping schools create and/or maintain a productive culture and climate, and involving all stakeholders.






3301 South 14th Street • Bldg. 16 • Suite 114
Abilene, Texas 70605 United States
Phone: 8667731422

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Our services include but are not limited to the following: Career Academy Implementation, State Approved Online PD and Training for CEUs and SEMIs, Canvas to enhance teaching and learning, Community/family/school collaboration support, and After-school/summer opportunities for students focusing on Reading, Mathematics, Character Education and STEM.


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7-12; K-6




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Southern Dropout Prevention Alliance
Contact: Marvin Grayer
3301 South 14th Street • Bldg. 16 • Suite 114
Abilene, 70605 United States
Email: marvin@southerndpa.org

Technical Support: charles@southerndpa.org