Cidi Labs was started in partnership with Utah State University to enable "SaaS-sharing" of locally-developed instructional design tools and innovations. Our flagship product, DesignPLUS: Design Tools for Canvas, is the leading advanced course authoring toolset to natively integrate with the Canvas LMS. New products for course readiness tracking (ReadyGO), file and page cleanup (TidyUP), and accessibility checking (UDOIT Cloud) were added to the Cidi Labs toolbox for instructional designers in 2019. With more than 130 higher education and K-12 organizations as customers, institutions of all sizes are improving the instructional design and learning process with Cidi Labs tools. Request a sandbox and learn more about Cidi Labs at cidilabs.com.






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Launch your Canvas courses to the next level with DesignPLUS for Canvas. Created to significantly cut the time it takes to develop a course in Canvas, DesignPLUS enables you to rapidly build course shells and painlessly build and style the content in your course. They improve the quality, consistency and accessibility of your courses while allowing your instructional designers and instructors to do more in less time. DesignPLUS includes the Content Editor Toolbox, the Multi-Tool and the Upload/Embed Image Tool as part of a single SaaS subscription. The tools are integrated with Canvas via a combination of LTI and the Canvas API.


UDOIT Cloud scans Canvas course content at the course level, identifies possible accessibility issues, and guides designers and faculty in repairing those issues using Universal Design principles. UDOIT Cloud is hosted and supported by Cidi Labs in partnership with University of Central Florida.


TidyUP is a fast and easy way to check for and delete unused files and pages in Canvas.


Do you have to ensure that dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of courses are ready to go before the next term starts? ReadyGO can help! ReadyGO integrates with the Canvas API to provide instructional design teams and managers with the tools and insights they need to prepare their courses before a semester starts. Easily monitor course development progress and track important readiness metrics. Ensure courses have content, are published, contain a syllabus, and have instructors and students assigned. Quickly create and share status reports with managers to streamline the semester start process.


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What Can Design Tools for Canvas Do for You?

What Can Design Tools for Canvas Do for You?

A brief overview of the many things Design Tools for Canvas can do to enhance your course-building experience with Canvas. Note that this video is a little out of date now as it shows an older version of the product.



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