Nuro Retention is a market leading comprehensive data integrated case management and student success platform that consumes vast amounts of cognitive and non-cognitive data from multiple sources to to provide the most comprehensive predictive and proactive student success solution on the market today. Nuro uses sophisticated predictive analytics derived from customized models to identify at-risk students before they start (Nuro Insights), along with non-cognitive survey data (Nuro Discoveries) to identify student who may be at risk, and then provides proactive case management to identify who is at risk this term (Nuro Retention)--all with a comprehensive suite of proactive support tools for early identification, intervention, effective communication, outreach, analysis, and insightful reporting. Nuro makes big data actionable.






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Through data science and analytics, we translate real-time data into meaningful insights for each individual student. Student retention is one of the most important issues faced by schools today. To improve student success, colleges and universities need to be armed with the right tools to reach the right students at the right time. Nuro Insights helps schools achieve this goal. Nuro gives you the tools your team needs to rank intervention needs and act quickly. Accuracy and urgency are key to getting the result you want.


Nuro Discovery are non-cognitive surveys designed to help institutions define “the what” behind the risk by providing the institution with the voice of the student. Nuro Discovery also allows for the creation and customization of surveys to be administered through the Nuro Retention system. Based on the results of the surveys, students can be grouped into related cohorts and prescriptive measures can then be taken through communication and outreach to overcome any non-cognitive obstacles. Nuro Retention can also import survey data and provide risk assessment on non-cognitive factors. Nuro enables institutions to engage the right students at the right time, which is the key to managing student risk.


Nuro Engage helps you build a scalable, sustainable advising strategy to maximize student success, retention, and engagement. Nuro advisors are dedicated to your institution and immerse themselves in understanding your unique history, programs and culture. We provide support through analytics, technology, and outsourced advising to augment your current efforts. Nuro Advisors are most effective when utilizing the Nuro Retention SaaS Software for advising services, case management, and student success. Advisors identify gaps or challenges for students, create flags, involve the right campus resources, and recommend alternative actions all within a centralized system of record.


Unlike any other available student retention option, Nuro impacts all facets of the student lifecycle. It helps you adapt to unique scenarios, and provide students and educators with the right tools to drive positive results. The data is then consumed by the Nuro Retention platform and made available to other school credentialed users and applications via APIs, to inform the personalized case management of each and every student.


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Supporting institutions in meeting criteria for retention, persistence and completion.

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Dr. David Leasure

Nuro Learning combines the multiple student, faculty, and service data streams that are needed to support student progression. The combination of capabilities provided by Nuro creates better communication and more efficient and effective educational outcomes.

Joshua Smith, Ph.D.

For years, as full-time advisor, faculty member, and now Dean, I have been searching for a solution that collects and integrates students’ cognitive and affective data. Nuro Retention has created that solution and taken it a step further. The easy to use system seamlessly communicates data into the hands of advisors, faculty, and other student success personnel.

Dr. Steve Altman

I wish I had the Nuro solution available at one of my prior campuses because I know the results, and ROI, would have been strong. Building relevant cohorts and addressing more individualized support for each student leads to stronger engagement and more positive outcomes.

Dr. Phyllis Collins

I believe Nuro Retention's comprehensive software solution, best practices, and tailored approach to implementation are designed to address the unique needs of each institution and their student populations as related to student success.





What is Nuro?

What is Nuro?

Nuro is an innovative software and data analytics platform developed as the most comprehensive solution for improving college completion on the market today. The Nuro suite of solutions consumes all available student data and uses sophisticated predictive analytics to identify institutional persistence trends and individual at-risk students. It then provides a comprehensive set of case management tools for early intervention, effective communication, and insightful reporting.

Nuro Features

Nuro Features

When you implement Nuro within your school, all levels of school administration will have endless real-time, actionable data at your command so you can easily monitor student progress and proactively manage student engagement.



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