EvaluationKIT joined the Watermark family in 2018, in support of the mission to put better data into the hands of administrators, faculty, and learners everywhere so they can connect information and gain insights into learning which will drive meaningful improvements. As the only course evaluation/institutional survey solution designed for higher education, EvaluationKIT had been recognized by SIIA as an Education Technology CODiE Award Winner multiple times. EvaluationKIT is designed to streamline your course evaluation process and drive response rates. EvaluationKIT provides all the functionality to manage the evaluation process including turnkey integrations for Canvas, survey authoring, customized communications, and automated reporting tools for faculty/administrators. EvaluationKIT by Watermark serves over 400 institutions worldwide. Visit www.watermarkinsights.com for more information.






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We could have just implemented a simple SSO link within Canvas and called that our Canvas integration, but we didn’t. From the beginning, it was our focus to offer Canvas institutions the best and most robust integration functionality to support the entire course evaluation process. Literally, a turnkey integration to deploy. Seamless survey access and features to drive student response rates. Access to results and real-time response rate monitoring right within Canvas. And, features designed to streamline and automate the operational process of setting up and deploying projects. All of these awesome features make up our unique suite of integrated functionality for Canvas.



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EvaluationKIT is the leading course evaluation solution in higher ed. Download our Canvas Data Sheet for detailed features and functionality.





Kathleen Morley, PhD Baylor University

"EvaluationKIT was instrumental in assisting with our move to online, and EvaluationKIT has been a great fit with our institution's needs ever since. We even underwent institution-wide LMS integration to Canvas, and EvaluationKIT's integrated solution with both LMS's was seamless and made for an easy transition."

Mary Eichen, Florida State University

"EvaluationKIT's integration with our LMS helped significantly increase our response rates to over 70%."

Leslie Davis, Western Kentucky University

"EvaluationKIT helped us successfully transition our institution from paper to online evaluations over five years ago. We have had a very positive experience with the EvaluationKIT system and support services, and our response rates have actually increased versus paper!"

Angela Carlson-Bancroft, Ed.S. Emerson College

"We can't offer enough praise for EvaluationKIT. We've achieved record level response rates, which would not have been possible without their efficient and attentive customer support. With EvaluationKIT in place, we are able to conduct and report on multiple course evaluation projects efficiently!"





Canvas Webinar September 20, 2017

Canvas Webinar September 20, 2017

Length 28:50 Evaluation + Canvas Webinar Fall 2017 In this webinar where we will share 5 keys to successful course evaluations in Canvas, you can see for yourself how our solution addresses the struggles many institutions still have with this process.



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5690 DTC Blvd.
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Phone: 888-980-9449
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