42 Lines empowers institutions of learning by architecting and delivering software solutions that fit their specific needs, are flexible, and highly scalable. We developed Harmonize as an LTI discussion tool that brings the online classroom to life by providing an interactive space to share media and engage in dynamic conversations. Designed to boost student engagement and promote teacher success, Harmonize integrates into Canvas to inspire new and innovative ways to learn and interact. Taking design cues from social networks, Harmonize has a modern and engaging layout. The mobile-friendly interface allows students to be “in class” anytime, anywhere and gives teachers the freedom to connect with learners while on the go.






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Reasons to Harmonize When teachers and students unite in a learning experience, the opportunities are endless. Harmonize provides a collaborative space for dynamic discussion, creative thinking & next-level education. Keeping students engaged in an online course can be challenging, so Harmonize makes it simple to connect with instructors and peers in new and exciting ways. Free Pilot Our free pilot provides a full-featured version of Harmonize, so you can experience all its exciting tools and capabilities. Sign up at tryharmonize.com and get ready to Harmonize! Contact Kevin Leonard at demo@42lines.net to schedule a personalized demo and see how Harmonize can bring your online classroom to life.


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Classroom discussion is an essential part of the the academic experience. Students engage with one another, share new concepts and ideas, and teachers ...



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