42 Lines empowers clients by architecting and delivering solutions that fit their specific needs, are flexible, and highly scalable. Our ideas are informed by a history of working with organizations focused on learning. We are a great partner because of our: 10+ years’ experience in developing successful cloud-based solutions for educational institutions Ability to integrate diverse technologies and complex data sources into a cohesive end-user experience 100% senior staff, all located in the United States






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Harmonize is our next-generation, LTI-compliant discussion platform that enhances student engagement while seamlessly integrating into Canvas. Getting Technology Out of the Way Taking design cues from popular social media platforms, Harmonize has a familiar interface that enables students to communicate with each other in new and dynamic ways. Multimedia Done Right Prepare yourself for a richer discussion limited only by your students’ imaginations. Upload multiple files of any type directly within posts, annotate posts, record audio and video on the fly with HTML5 and much more Schedule a demo and ask about our pilot program contact Kevin Leonard - kevin@42lines.net



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Classroom discussion is an essential part of the the academic experience. Students engage with one another, share new concepts and ideas, and teachers ...



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