Currently, school districts invest heavily in curriculum programs and supporting software tools that assist with delivery to students. However, curriculum programs are not "one size fits all" - every curriculum can be improved and needs to be dynamic for both schools and teachers. The most effective curriculum is a combination of multiple resources, so districts and teachers need a way to organize, plan, deliver, and enhance curriculum and supporting resources from multiple sources. EdCaliber has created Lessoneer, a single, online destination for curricula and standards-aligned resources. Everything coaches and teachers need to create, mix, share, teach and reteach standards-based curricula is in one place. Districts tell us that Lessoneer enhances classroom instruction, saves teachers time and saves them money.






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Lessoneer provides easy access to curricular materials and OER databases, integrated with straightforward planning and Common Core standards tracking tools


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Videos and articles about how to use Lessoneer, including customization for individual users





Lessoneer Trailer

Lessoneer Trailer

Lessoneer is powerful curriculum management software designed to make the lives of teachers easier while increasing student achievement.



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