Explorance, the world’s largest provider of Journey Analytics solutions, empowers organizations to make the right decisions with fact-based feedback data. Explorance supports all your feedback processes including course evaluations, central and major surveys, 360 degree reviews, and more with solutions that connect your entire organization in real time. With Explorance at the heart of your organization's continuous improvement strategy, you see the big picture with all your feedback data in one place. Founded in 2003, Explorance is headquartered in Montreal with business units in Chicago, Chennai, Melbourne, Amman, and London. Explorance has been ranked as a top employer by the Great Places to Work Institute® since 2014. We serve clients in academia, enterprise, consulting, and government segments across the globe.






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Blue delivers feedback solutions for course evaluations, institutional surveys, 360 degree reviews, and more. Blue integrations automate feedback gathering by leveraging existing infrastructure (SIS, LMS, SSO, etc.) to maximize efficiency. Our robust reporting engine includes metadata augmentation and text mining to share results and insights, in the right way, to the right stakeholders. Blue’s scalable structure flexes for evolving organizations and enables data-driven decision making to accelerate improvement with top security, data privacy, and the latest accessibility standards to ensure seamless experiences for all. We offer 24/7 world-class support, consultancy, and project management, services.


Bluepulse is a fluid system where meaningful feedback is easily shared and discussed so organizations can react promptly based on real time responses. With Bluepulse, there is no need to wait for predetermined intervals to check in with students and stakeholders or to make improvements and resolve concerns. Set alerts so you never miss an opportunity to better understand your people and their experiences. Bluepulse integrates with key IT systems to give everyone a voice while maintaining confidentiality when it is needed most so no one gets left behind. Providing an open, safe place for learning, development, and personal growth enables you to be more proactive and less reactive no matter the situation.



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Corporate; Higher Education


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Course Evaluation






UMN had to look outside their homegrown systems for a reliable solution that will allow them to centralize course evaluations institution-wide.

UMW has been using Bluepulse and is enjoying several benefits. Chief among them are the more substantive results from end-of-semester course evaluations.

LJMU needed a solution that can handle their complex module evaluations and easily generate reports that can be customised and shared at all levels.

The college needed better quality data from its course evaluations and chose Blue in May 2013.

A fully online and automated system, Blue greatly reduced the need for paper products while significantly saving the university time by optimizing processes.

"Bluepulse has definitely reduced the number of surprises we see at the end of semester on course evaluations."

We’ve developed a best-in-class integration that embeds Blue® course evaluation forms directly into the Canvas LMS.

Centralizing control of the data preparation process, DIG enables you to manage and run multiple cleanup projects from within a single tool.





University of San Francisco

The University of San Francisco selected Blue because it met, and in most cases exceeded, the critical requirements we were looking for in an online course evaluation system. [...]We were equally impressed with the delivered reports and analytics, which surpassed those of the other vendors we looked at. We are very satisfied in our choice of Explorance and Blue.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“Blue's ability to take my complicated, 42-department, 28-questionnaire, multi-report evaluation process and transform it into something streamlined and easily repeatable has been amazing…” Heather Thompson, College Course Evaluation Coordinator, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

University of Minnesota

“What I’ve been impressed with is that to make a system like Blue work at a university of this size it has to really integrate well with the other systems that we are pulling data from...” Thomas E. Dohm, Ph.D., Director Senior Psychologist, Office of Measurement Services, University of Minnesota

Del Mar College

“We chose Blue for several reasons. In particular, we liked the flexibility, the analytics features, and the ability to customize it the way we needed it, particularly at the department level.” Larry Lee, PhD., Dean of Business, Professional and Technology Education, Del Mar College

Hong Kong International School

“We chose Blue because it’s a flexible product that would grow with us. We wanted a system that would allow administrative oversight, while at the same time let teachers control their own information. Also, we needed something that would allow large-scale feedback processes but also facilitate one-on-one performance reviews.” Justin Hardman, Solutions Manager

Prescott College

We chose Blue because we were manually doing faculty/course evaluations, sending out links to Survey Monkey, etc. and it was not an efficient use of our time. We also needed the data analytics to be able to provide good reports to faculty and to deans on student satisfaction with their instructors…” Michelle Whitman, Director of Instructional Technology and Assessment

Monash University

“Since transitioning to Blue in late 2016, Monash has made significant efficiency savings in their survey fieldwork operations, has a platform that can cater to the customisation requirements of a large and complex university,...” Kristina Kaulenas, Manager Information Strategy and Survey, Monash University

Oregon Health & Science University

“We use Blue Surveys at our institution, and it's been a great boon to us. We like the ease of creating evaluation projects, report projects, and having our evaluation reports all in one location... I would certainly recommend Blue as an evaluation tool.” Larry Williams, Education Technology Specialist, Oregon Health & Science University

Lancaster Bible College

“In my time, I have facilitated three different online evaluation tools. Each one had an upside or a new idea to implement: Blue has given us a future for online evaluations. The possibilities are endless, and I look forward to our partnership with eXplorance taking us to the next level.” William Illingworth, Instructional Technologist, eCampus Administrator

Tufts University

“Every vendor experience involves two parts: the product and the people. Blue and eXplorance have both exceeded our expectations.” Candace Girard, Education Technology Specialist, Tufts University

University of New Hampshire

“We moved to Blue to get increased flexibility in reporting. We had several specific needs our last vendor could not meet and Blue reporting was able to do this. But if you ask me the biggest gain was our implementation of the DIG tool… DIG has saved time, reduced errors, and reduced frustration for everyone...” Jean Spear, Senior Process Engineer

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

"Blue is a powerful tool for any Educational Institution conducting course evaluations." Arthur Nogacz, Research Analyst, Quality Assurance, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

University of Mary Washington

“Because Bluepulse feels like something students are used to, like social media, it makes it easier to get students to participate. The fact that we could integrate Bluepulse into the learning management system was also a plus.” Taiwo Ande, Assistant Provost for Institutional Analysis and Effectiveness, University of Mary Washington

Washtenaw Community College

“Student engagement through formative evaluation is an imperative component to retention and success. Receiving in-time feedback with the freedom of anonymity generates pedagogically meaningful relationships between the faculty and student. Bluepulse 2, by eXplorance, is the answer for our institution.” Peter A Baccile, Senior Director for Online Learning

RMIT University

“By facilitating direct communication between teachers and students and providing accessible data, Bluepulse enables instructors to better understand and address students’ expectations. “ Geoffrey Crisp, Dean of Learning and Teaching, Academic Portfolio, RMIT University

University of Louisville

“Bluepulse gives a voice to students who may not feel comfortable speaking up in class or providing face to face feedback to the instructor. The application is mobile device compatible so both faculty and students have the ability to remain engaged at any time throughout the semester…” Becky Patterson, Exec. Director, Institutional Research & Planning





Bluepulse for Provost – Towards a Better Overall Student Experience

Bluepulse for Provost – Towards a Better Overall Student Experience

There is a disruption happening in Higher Education. Now more than ever before, students are the primary stakeholders for Higher Education Institutions. Bluepulse will help your institution increase enrollment rates, improved student engagement, and maximize graduation rates.

Bluepulse for Campus Services – Towards higher student satisfaction

Bluepulse for Campus Services – Towards higher student satisfaction

Student satisfaction is an increasing driver for the overall student learning experience. As many universities and colleges give this more priority, campus service leaders find themselves without the right tool to measure student satisfaction. With Bluepulse, you can connect with students at any point about any institutional service, including the library, residents, advising, etc.



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