Through a seamless LMS integration, Blackboard Ally focuses on making digital course content more accessible. Blackboard Ally will automatically scan course materials for accessibility issues and will assign an accessibility score to each content item. It then generates an institution-wide course content accessibility report that provides deep insight into the institution’s accessibility performance and challenges. Ally also provides detailed feedback and guidance to instructors on how to improve the accessibility of their content, and automatically provides students with a range of more accessible alternative formats such as Semantic HTML, Audio, ePub, Electronic Braille, etc. All of Ally’s features work together to move institutions up on the accessibility spectrum and help build an inclusive learning environment that benefits all students.







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Blackboard Ally:  2017 WOW Award Recipient

Blackboard Ally: 2017 WOW Award Recipient

Blackboard Ally is proud to have received a 2017 WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies (WCET) Outstanding Work (WOW) award as a new and innovative solution focused on helping make...



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