Peerceptiv is research-validated peer assessment, allowing instructors to more effectively scale learning by engaging students in the role of teacher to their classmates. Cloud-based and bias-free, Peerceptiv is used in subjects across the curriculum to promote writing-in-the-discipline and build critical thinking skills. Unique grading algorithms motivate students to apply themselves in the Review phase, which research has shown is the key to successful peer assessment. Instructors have the option to intervene in the grading process at any stage - or not at all - depending on class size and the requirements in that course. A wide range of analytics is available to confirm learning objectives are being met, identify students in need of intervention, and improve rubrics over time.






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An overview of how Peerceptiv assignments can be used in any size class.

A high enrollment science course uses Peerceptiv for multiple formative feedback assessments, without direct instructor intervention.

A short article about how Peerceptiv is being implemented in University of Iowa's online program.

A social sciences professor at McGill teaches writing-as-a-process by using peer assessment in the initial drafts, with final review by the instructors.





Introduction to Peerceptiv

Introduction to Peerceptiv

This video provides an overview of the benefits and basic functionality of Peerceptiv. For more information please visit: https://www.peerceptiv.com.



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