Converging Solutions helps clients worldwide create customized yet affordable learning, communications, and performance support solutions. Whether you need learning strategy support, technology implementation advice, or design & development resources, we are here to serve with our proprietary Converging Solutions Model. Ask how we helped one client save $3.7M within the first year of implementing our learning solution! With a diverse client list that includes such reputable brands as Ameriprise, BlueCross BlueShield, Caterpillar, Dairy Queen, Deloitte, Girl Scouts, Habitat for Humanity, The Home Depot, T-Mobile and UnitedHealthcare, we have the experience to help your organization solve problems quickly and effectively. If you need to get it right the first time, then you need Converging Solutions.






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If the content you are teaching is worth learning, you must capture and keep the learner’s attention to have any hope of changing their behaviors. Converging Learning creates a win-win-win for our clients, their learners, and their organizations!


The way you communicate can be as important as what you communicate! That's why our Converging Communications team works to help you identify key messages that build trust, create value and drive innovation for the organization. Ask about the converging communication plans we've developed for our clients, and how we: Validate our clients as an industry leader Ensure the client's customers recall their company as the result of a shared experience Generate more qualified leads for our client's sales pipeline


Sometimes the problem isn't that learners don't know what to do... but when they still aren't doing it, an investment in change management and performance support can pay for itself many times over, when chosen wisely and implemented with the Converging Solutions Model!


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Can you relate to Jennifer's story?

How can Isaac's approach help you overcome your current challenges?

What can you learn from Lynn's story about limited project resources?





Radiation Injury Treatment Network

Converging Solutions developed a training program resulting in the creation of six online training courses to train new staff. Their work product has set the standard for our internal education and training staff, who now attempts to emulate CS's magnificent example. CS team members were consummate professionals; I will hire Converging Solutions again in the future.

Smartmouth Communications

Converging Solutions has helped me navigate the world of online training. Their expertise in instructional design and savvy in online learning have been invaluable. They think bigger than I ever could in terms of what's possible, viable and advisable. I value their collaboration, I listen to their recommendations, and I trust them to do what they say they will do.





The Converging Solutions Model

The Converging Solutions Model

Here are three ways to explain how the Converging Solutions Model works in practical ways most people can intuitively relate to!



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