We give OUR customers the power and freedom to easily train THEIR customers. By providing simple SaaS-based platforms for integrating your LMS with Salesforce.com and building Canvas and Bridge integrated shopping cart sites, Envisiontel provides customers with turnkey solutions for managing their entire customer life cycle. Promote and sell courses using LMScheckout. Deliver training using your preferred Instructure LMS. Turn Salesforce.com into a student information system to generate powerful analytics and to fuel future marketing initiatives. Envisiontel helps our customers do more. Generate MORE revenue. Manage MORE users MORE easily. Contain MORE costs.






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LMScheckout is a turn-key shopping cart solution that lets customers build their own online ecommerce site to sell courses hosted in Bridge and Canvas. Automate enrollments, simplify course access and employ numerous configureable sales models that include shopping carts, subscriptions and group purchasing to support the way educators want to do business. Your training business is a round peg so stop trying to make it fit the square hole of traditional "product-centric" shopping cart systems.


EnlightenCRM will turn Salesforce.com into a powerful student information system for educators that are looking to get the most out of their cloud computing investments. Fully integrate all student enrollment data with Salesforce to enhance reporting and fuel student promotions. Simplify training for your internal learners by enabling single-sign-on access within Salesforce to course catalogs and current learning plans.






Need to sell courses and automate enrollments with Canvas or Bridge? Learn how LMScheckout can help you build an online training store in minutes.

Need to create unique course catalogs that are specific to key customers? Read how LMScheckout child accounts can be used to build targeted customer portals.

Interested in integrating your Instructure learning management system with Salesforce.com? EnlightenCRM will get the job done and then some.





American College of Lifestyle Medicine

Working with Envisiontel to launch our new LMS was one of the best experiences I have had throughout a project. We had a lot of unique requests to how we wanted our ecommerce site to function and Envisiontel took every one head on and came up with a solution for them. I am extremely pleased with the finished outcome and attribute much of the success to Envisiontel.





Introducing LMScheckout

Introducing LMScheckout

Watch an overview of LMScheckout to learn how it can make setting up an online training store simple and inexpensive.



A app for Salesforce.com that fully integrates student data and access to learning with your favorite CRM..



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