Campuscruiser - an education-focused portal pioneer working with educators and technology since 1999 to deliver centralized access to institutional information and applications through the cloud. Campuscruiser’s latest innovation, Strata portal family, champions a unique 3-in-1 value proposition, each addressing a specific, yet tightly orchestrated, institutional necessity: Mobile App, Portal Cloud and Identity Management. Strata specializes in central information access – via custom and federated SSO services, allowing users to login only once through the Mobile App or Portal Cloud, and promote/access campus and community content, such as announcements, events, and campus links, along with the institution’s SIS, LMS and legacy applications. As a seasoned portal solution provider, Campuscruiser has won multiple industry awards including CODiE’s Best Postsecondary Enterprise Solution twice.






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A mobile communication launchpad, smart and simple. Featuring geolocation, push notifications, and secure access. Schools need to keep students current on important information. StrataGO’s intuitive, easy to use platform facilitates student engagement.


A modern portal that facilitates virtual services, collaboration and engagement for campus communities. Strata360 caters to schools that want to better connect to communities within their campus. When your school needs more than just an access point to services, Strata360 uses mini-sites to brand your departments, offices, and clubs.


A fully scalable portal that includes the highest level of personalization and customization. For schools that require additional features and dedicated attention, StrataPRO establishes a more intricate bridge to access unique enterprise and academic services.




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Campus Cruiser
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9 Law Drive, 2nd Floor
Fairfield, New Jersey 07002 United States
Phone: 973-244-7856
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