BookWidgets allows you to make interactive lessons. BookWidgets provides strong templates of all kinds of interactive exercises. You just have to add your own content. Choose between more than 40 different widgets or “apps” to engage your students. Make your own adapted crossword riddles, jigsaw puzzles, web quests, quizzes, timelines and much more. Many exercises are automatically graded, freeing up time for you to give quality feedback to your students with a click. Yes, right inside your trusted Canvas environment. BookWidgets can be used to engage students as well for differentiation, personalization, grading, flipped learning and gamification.






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Learn how to use BookWidgets in Canvas. Create lesson material, send it to students and grade.

As an admin, you have to enable BookWidgets first, in order to start creating BookWidgets exercises.

We write about technology for the classroom, fun facts about students and creative lesson ideas. A post, a gift, an idea. From BookWidgets, for teachers.

BookWidgets has endless possibilities. Take a look at these handy tutorials to become an expert!





François Hanton, French teacher at Sint-Pieterscollege Sint-Jozefshandelsschool

BookWidgets has transformed these boring French lessons into an interesting, fun, more life-like experience.

Terri Nelson, FGS 5th/District Instructor—Technology & Curriculum

BookWidgets has been a godsend when it comes to decreasing my paperwork and making fun and interactive learning experiences for my students.

Katrien Plancke, Teacher at Blankenberge primary school

BookWidgets is so user friendly that even less ICT minded colleagues can work with it.







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