A products focused technology company with a large EdTech division working on a variety of products and delivering LTI applications across the established and growing Canvas footprint. Crystal Delta's aim is to build the tools that Canvas customers love. As a group of people Crystal Delta excels at breaking down complex problems into workable solutions. Our commitment to transparency in our delivery methodology and practices results in uplifting the customer as well as their learning technologies. We are proponents of Extreme Ownership; A philosophy which has yielded positive outcomes for our clients. Just ask RMIT and Swinburne.






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The WYSIWYG Page Builder for Canvas LMS is an LTI that adds and additional page editing option for Canvas pages. Now, pretty much anyone can create awesome looking and engaging course pages without needing to know HTML. WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Page Builder uses drag-and-drop page layout construction like one would be accustomed to in Microsoft Word or Apple Pages. What's more, the Page Builder has a Templates feature so that entire pages can be built with a single drop. Even portions of a page can be saved as Custom Blocks so that building a constant look and feel across courses and departments is made easy.


Crane is a very clever Information Migration tool that triages and migrates courses from one LMS to another. And based on our clients’ feedback, it does it faster, cheaper and with far fewer errors than existing approaches: We've performed wholesale migrations in 50% of the projected time, which translated to about half the overall cost. Crane goes beyond "data migration" as it can be configured for context awareness. For Canvas LMS, this means the courses migrated from another LMS end up looking like they were courses designed in Canvas itself: Conforming to style and QA specifications of your learning environment.


What happens when a learner or an educator need to access a course in Canvas while they are away from an internet connection? Very little unless they have an offline copy of the course. The Offline Content Generator for Canvas LMS was designed to make it easy for educators and instructors to make specific courses available via a downloadable PDF file. The file generated by the LTI preserves the layout and pagination of the Canvas content so that learning structure and pace is maintained.


We know what it's like: You'll be working away and then inspiration strikes. You think "It would be cool if Canvas could do ...". You search the Partner Portal and the web, and no one offers quite what you're looking for. You shrug and you carry on. C'Est la vie. Well life does not need to be such. We at Crystal Delta love solving problems. And before you start thinking about how much something like a bespoke LTI would cost, keep in mind that we often look to productise such solutions. Often all you need do is be the first customer. Other more mutual arrangements can also be made.


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If your Canvas instance has recently got the WYSIWYG Page Builder LTI, or not, this guide will get you started to think in new ways about your Canvas courses.





Tass Katsoulidis, Director Learning Environments RMIT

In our manual process to migrate content from the old LMS to the new, we were not delivering to expected timelines and the quality of migrated content was inconsistent. The amazing team at Crystal Delta with their agile approach, demonstrated the benefits of automation to solve both of our problems.

Jez Franklin, Program Manager at Swinburne University of Technology

Crystal Delta were engaged to develop a key area of results moderation functionality for the university’s LMS. Working in an effective collaborative manner, providing a laser sharp focus on quality, engagement and delivery. Benefits have demonstrated significant time savings for Teaching/Professional staff with a major improvement in quality of the moderation process.



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Phone: +61 3 9005 7878
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