aPlus+ Attendance brings a tightly integrated ‘University Grade' attendance suite to Canvas. Our solutions simplify (and can automate) attendance collection for instructors, exam moderators and coaches, while at the same time providing a powerful centralized reporting and attendance management system for power users. Our attendance systems have been evolving for 15 years, and support many different types of configurations and integrations (in addition to Canvas).







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aPlus + Attend and our Canvas LTI provides a way for universities (and schools) to easily introduce much more powerful attendance collection and reporting options. If you have some attendance challenges currently, we can solve them. Features include, Instant reporting for instructors - Multiple approaches for how to impact grades - Automated attendance options (scanners, student codes) - Calendar flexibility (multiple sessions per day) - Powerful high level reporting options for financial aid, student success deans, etc - Attendance visibility for students - Configurable statuses and badges - Identify students who have constitutive absences, and manage intervention, all automatically.






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aPlus+ Attendance - Canvas LTI - High Level User Reporting and Configuration

aPlus+ Attendance - Canvas LTI - High Level User Reporting and Configuration

An overview of the advanced reporting and configuration options available to higher level users. This could include Faculty or Dept heads, Student Success Coordinators, Financial Aid Officers, or any other user who requires wider attendance information. This is a high level snapshot, there is much much more to see.



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