11trees' solutions are optimized for Canvas to help scale engagement: ANNOTATE PRO: Wish you could create reusable libraries of comments for use in SpeedGrader, discussions, course authoring, email and even Microsoft Word? Annotate PRO, including a powerful free version, makes it easy. Institutions can license AP to share libraries and create rich histories of feedback. CANOPY: Need to message all students below a certain course grade? View ALL discussion activity in a spreadsheet-like view with summaries and analysis? Quickly scan for late discussion posts? Instantly see which students have replied TO you in a discussion but to whom you haven’t yet replied? Canopy transforms course activity, grade, and discussion data into an educator-centric experience.






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Annotate PRO (AP) makes it easy to create, share, and use libraries of reusable comments to quickly add text anywhere you can type in Canvas. Full-text search of your libraries, or friendly blue favorite buttons, are one click away in the AP toolbar. AP optionally keeps a history of all feedback and analyzes feedback in aggregate so instructors and programs can understand where their feedback is focusing. Start with expertly crafted libraries of comments – our College Edition or Legal Writing Edition libraries – that you can easily modify to suit your teaching style and curriculum. Or move straight to creating custom libraries you can share across the institution. Feedback is a teacher’s superpower!


Canopy is the course analytics and engagement solution for Canvas LMS. Transform reams of course data into actionable, interactive tables and visualization enabling instructors to more deeply and efficiently engage students.


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Dr. David A. Croteau

I absolutely love using Annotate PRO when I grade. My students get much more and much better feedback. They are amazed at the value of the comments that are crafted into my feedback. And once I have my comments set up, the time it takes to grade is much less, sometimes cut by over 50%!





Canvas SpeedGrader and Annotate PRO

Canvas SpeedGrader and Annotate PRO

Annotate PRO is optimized for Canvas SpeedGrader: highlight text in SpeedGrader and click/search your Annotate libraries to add a pre-written chunk of text. Quickly access a history of feedback for a student, including (optionally) comments you typed manually. Review heat map analytics to see where your efforts are focusing and share libraries across your institution.



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