MobLab is a playground for decisions that allows students to participate in Business Management and Economics games and experiments. Short-form game simulations get students hands-on with concepts, promoting active learning and discussion. Founded in 2011 with the idea that students in biology, physics or even psychology, learn by doing experiments, why shouldn't social science students? The MobLab platform integrates with Canvas and students participate on any device they bring with them to class: laptops, tablets, or mobile devices. With MobLab’s vast collection of management and economics games—from market convergence to the prisoners dilemma experiment—you can easily turn your classroom into a fully equipped laboratory.






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MobLab was founded by Caltech economists to address the lack of hands on learning in social science. Our ‘mobile laboratory’ has 60+ short games, experiments, simulations, and surveys to illustrate key economic and business theories. Students participate in instructor led activities using our app on their tablet, preferred mobile device, or laptop in classrooms or at home as part of a homework assignment. Key Features: 60+ Configurable games, surveys, & lesson content Easy access for students online or mobile Speedy customer support by content specialists Textbook agnostic and bundled options with McGraw-Hill and Macmillan to keep cost low Created by instructors for instructors


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Faculty Insight: Professor Brett A. Saraniti, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

"I have used Moblab with undergraduates, MBAs, and Executives on three continents and the results are always the same: an engaging learning experience that pulls the students deeper into the content of the course."

Student Insight: Principles of Microeconomics University of Pittsburg

"The thing I found most interesting in class wasn't something we learned out of the notes, but rather our MobLab activity. I found it really cool and interesting that we were able to see the affects of having a tax firsthand, and in real time. I also was impressed by the fact that during these activities we almost always came close to reaching equilibrium."

Faculty Insight: Professor Barry Nalebuff, Yale University

"I used MobLab starting with the first class… It worked flawlessly and seamlessly… MobLab helped me make the excitement and relevance of game theory come alive."

Student Insight: Business Management University of California, Riverside

"I like the entire integration of online visuals and games that add on to learning. The traditional way of the classroom, never gets the point across, just based on memorization which leads to not true understanding."

Faculty Insight: Professor Ming Hsu, Haas Marketing Group, University of California Berkeley

"MobLab addresses the age-old problem of getting students to participate in the classroom…"

Student Insight: Intermediate Microeconomics, Purdue University

"The best part about Intermediate Micro class is to have the interactive experiments using MobLab during lecture."

Faculty Insight: Professor Ben Ho, Vassar College

"Not only does MobLab greatly simplify the task of implementing games in class, its highly polished presentation impresses students and have been most positively commented upon change to my teaching, with lots of unsolicited positive feedback both after class and in course evaluations."





MobLab Quick Start Video

MobLab Quick Start Video

This three minute quick start video video features creating a new class, through configuring a MobLab activity for classroom implementation. A great video for any instructor that is new, or looking to implement MobLab in their classroom.

MobLab - Canvas LTI Integration Instructor Guide

MobLab - Canvas LTI Integration Instructor Guide

This video outlines integrating MobLab with your specified Canvas course. Before starting this process, a member of your institution’s Canvas Administrator team will need to create and send a Canvas Instance Developer Key and ID to lms@moblab.com. Visit our MobLab Support Site for further information and additional guides to integrate MobLab with your Canvas Instance: https://support.moblab.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001600952-Canvas-LMS-Integration

MobLab - Canvas LTI Integration Student Guide

MobLab - Canvas LTI Integration Student Guide

This video outlines how students create a MobLab account with their Canvas school email to enable grade syncing. Visit our MobLab Support Site for further information and additional guides to integrate MobLab with your Canvas Instance: https://support.moblab.com/hc/en-us/a...



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Phone: (626) 351-1900
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