With over 25+ years of providing solutions to the education market, Magic has built and delivered digital learning solutions and products with a 600+ team of SME’s that blend technology with content seamlessly. Magic EdTech helps build and distribute digital learning products for education and corporate markets. Our solutions help make digital learning more accessible, immersive, mobile, and analytics-driven. Our services bring content engineering, technology services and platforms to help our clients with their digital learning products. We build digital learning solutions that engage learners with visually and functionally rich content. We create Science, Social Science, Math Virtual Labs, and Language interactives with our diverse range of products and services. For more details, please visit: https://magicedtech.com/learning-for-education/






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SMARTouch Plus is the AI-powered, cloud-based, one-touch eBook conversion tool for fast, easy and accurate digital publishing across multiple formats. 1. The Power Of AI Empower your content with the world’s first AI-powered, one-touch, multi-channel interactive ebook conversion tool that leverages a reusable library of widgets. 2. Single Source Authoring Benefit from Single Source Authoring across platforms for fixed layout, responsive, interactive reflowable, reimagined and enhanced ebooks, workbooks and more 3. 100% Content Fidelity SMARTouch Plus caters to born-accessible ebooks, compatible to WCAG guidelines, across environments, with automated quality assurance for 100% content fidelity.


MagicBox is a cloud-based digital learning content distribution platform with over 2 million students from North America, Europe & Australia using it as their core learning platform. MagicBox is an end-to-end digital publishing and mobile distribution platform that enables publishers, authors and content providers to create, sell, manage and deliver their digital content through custom branded Web & Mobile Apps.



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https://www.magicedtech.com/case-studies/ebook-readers/ https://www.magicedtech.com/case-studies/middle-grades-math-app/






HMH Testimonial - By Director, Sourcing Strategy, Core Solutions

We worked with the project team at MagicEdtech on two large digital content ingestion projects. Our team was impressed with the professionalism and knowledge that the partner teams demonstrated. The team at MagicEdtech was dedicated and worked round the clock to ensure timely delivery on one of the most challenging content production delivery schedules we’ve seen in years.



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