Actively Learn is an online literacy platform that helps teachers activate, support, and reveal student thinking so every student can read for depth. Our approach assists teachers in practicing 12 strategies (e.g. cultivating metacognition, asking higher-order questions) that change how deeply students understand texts. These strategies are delivered through platform features, reading assignments across the curriculum, and professional learning. Teachers can customize the instruction on our platform as well as upload their own content and create their own instruction. Actively Learn is a literacy platform for teachers, by teachers. Each person on our product team is a former teacher and together, they steer product direction by soliciting and listening carefully to feedback from educators, coaches, and administrators around the country.






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Actively Learn is an online literacy platform that empowers students to read for depth. Actively Learn integrates seamlessly with Canvas to enable Single Sign-On and rostering as well as assignment and grade syncing.


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Teachers across subjects find a myriad of ways to transform their classrooms using Actively Learn. Get a glimpse of what it can do by reading their stories.







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