InteDashboard, created by CognaLearn, empowers the team-based learning (“TBL”) methodology with technology. Our www.intedashboard.com is the world’s mostly widely used dedicated software platform created exclusively for physical and online TBL classrooms. InteDashboard: 1. Saves time by automating team-based learning work flow for individual readiness assurance tests (“IRAT”), team readiness assurance tests (“TRAT”) with immediate feedback, clarifications, application exercises, electronic gallery walks and 360-degree teammate peer evaluation. 2. Improves outcomes with real-time data. 3. Integrates with Canvas. Over 85 institutions have used InteDashboard to implement team-based learning including Columbia, Duke-NUS and Yale-NUS with 95% faculty satisfaction. InteDashboard was developed in collaboration with Duke-NUS Medical School and received a Reimagine Education Award for hybrid learning from QS Rankings and Wharton’s Learning Lab.






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InteDashboard is a dedicated web app for the real-time administration of Team-based learning (TBL), a specific and data-intensive version of flipped classroom. InteDashboard provides teachers and trainers with real-time data to adjust their teaching, team-based testing with immediate feedback, clarification session, application exercises and peer evaluation. It helps in admin automation, reducing the time taken to create, administer and grading tests. It aids further in reflecting student performances, helping students learn better with immediate feedback and clarification.


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Julie Estis, University of South Alabama

Outstanding tool for face-to-face, web-blended and fully online TBL courses! We’ve been using InteDashboard™ across several TBL classes at the University of South Alabama and are consistently impressed with the tool as well as the exceptional support from the team. We look forward to increasing utilization of InteDashboard™ through our campus-wide project.

Dr John Chapman, Southern Virginia University

I’m convinced, and I’ve done a fair amount of looking over the past few years to identify an online quizzing/ survey tool that allows for individual question submission and real-time feedback (especially for the TRAT). Intedashboard really is the premier solution in this category. Bar none. Hands down.

Jennifer Styron, University of South Alabama

Ability to get real-time data on RAT test items during teaching and save this information (i.e. scores on assessments) has made the tool an essential element to my everyday online teaching.

Judy Currey, Deakin University

I love having real time access to my students performance data and knowing exactly what concepts have or haven’t been understood while they complete their IRATs and TRATs! InteDashboard™ has significantly enhanced the ease and effectiveness with which I prepare for, and teach in, my TBL classes at Deakin.

Tom DeWitt, MBA Professor, University of Hawaii

Overall, I’ve been really pleased with how InteDashboard has elevated the ability to engage students in team-based learning.





InteDashboard™- Empowering TBL with Technology

InteDashboard™- Empowering TBL with Technology

InteDashboard™ is an online tool to deliver team-based learning courses in online and offline environments. It saves time and delivers real-time results for faculty. Find out why more than 40 institutions are already using InteDashboard™.



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