As educators, we know that each student learns differently. We believe that video is the perfect way to engage with any student, despite differences in learning preferences. At ClickView, our goal is to give teachers the best opportunity to create a rich learning experience through video education for students. From the videos we produce in our own studios, the flipped classroom videos created by our community, to the free-to-air TV programmes we curate; ClickView is revolutionising how video can be utilised to increase student engagement and boost student outcomes. All our videos and activities are aligned to the curriculum, designed by educators to support students, and are available anywhere, any time on our user-friendly online platform.






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Ruari Elkington - Queensland University of Technology

Knowing that there is an additional, high-quality pool of content available and that excellent support from ClickView is available to access to access that content, is an enormous asset at the tertiary level.

Pete Dunford - Bridgend College (UK)

ClickView has helped to revolutionise the use of video in our classrooms here at Bridgend College. In particular, the ability to add interactive layers to high-quality TV programmes has added a new dynamic to the way our students can learn.

Louise Lean - St Angela’s Primary School

We needed somewhere we could access video resources without having to deal with advertisements and pop-ups. Something that we knew was legitimate and relevant and saved us time searching endlessly.

Ben Whitaker - Bury Grammar School

We find the wealth of existing resources and the fact that we can upload content are great ways to share and view content in a safe and secure manner, when you compare it against other video sharing platforms. The process and the fact users are now able to record their own programmes takes a lot of overhead away from our IT team.



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