In 2003, a team of test security visionaries who shared a fundamental belief in quality testing and trustworthy test results joined together to create a ground-breaking company, Caveon. Caveon was founded to help protect the items, tests, and reputations of high stakes test programs in all areas of testing, including: primary and secondary education; certification and licensure; industrial/organization; and admissions. Today, Caveon offers proven, practical solutions for test security and test development to dozens of the largest test programs all around the world.






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Caveon's SEI platform allows a test sponsor to publish and deliver exams that are protected against cheating and theft. Featuring item types including Caveon SmartItems, Discrete Option Multiple Choice (DOMC), and many technology-enhanced options, Caveon SEI has the capability to make every exam a test-taker sees a "one time use" exam, completely eliminating question theft, and eliminating unfair advantages that students may gain through inappropriate means. Caveon SEI seamlessly integrates with Canvas, allowing teachers to deliver exams as assignments, while receiving student grades automatically in the grade book!


Caveon Scorpion is a secure, remote exam development platform that allows test sponsors to write, review, publish, and analyze tests and test questions. Like all Caveon systems, it was designed with security in mind throughout the entire exam development life-cycle.



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6905 S 1300 E #468
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