The R2 Digital Library offers thousands of health science eBooks from the leading publishers. The R2 Digital Library has the content essential to the modern health sciences curriculum. These high-yield and focused eBooks, including thousands of images and video, are carefully selected to provide the specialized content demanded by health sciences students and faculty. The R2 Digital Library database can be seamlessly integrated through Canvas. Please contact customerservice@R2Library.com for more information and a complimentary trial.






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The R2 Digital Library is an eBook database. R2 provides fully integrated and searchable medical, nursing, and allied health content from leading health sciences publishers. The extensive health sciences image library, deep linking, and integrated drug information provide an enhanced experience for the students, faculty, and clinicians. The R2 Digital Library’s user interface is optimized for the health sciences, and eBooks are easily integrated into any collection Many of the texts and references that you rely on for teaching your medical, nursing, and allied health students are available on the R2 Library, and these resources can be quickly and easily integrated into Canvas.


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Shelley Moore, Associate Professor, School of Nursing, Middle Tennessee State University

I was designing an online master's level course for which there is no single textbook. I realized the R2 platform would be a beautiful fit for my course. It was easy to navigate and I loved how easily I could embed links directly to textbooks. I linked the most relevant and vital sections of several textbooks to get the content at the students' fingertips.







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