GG4L is a membership-based K-12 industry collaborative whose members support open industry standards, comply with student data privacy regulations and best practices, and support K-12 schools globally in deploying, sustaining and validating innovative edtech solutions through strategic impact initiatives. G44L's Platform Plus Funding approach helps GG4L members and sponsors deliver edtech value where it is needed most. Our Data Interoperability & Governance Platform ensures data security & privacy compliance while keeping costs low for schools and EdTech vendors. And our Impact Funding Program supports sponsor (corporate & philanthropic) funded school improvement initiatives to deploy validated edtech solutions.






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GG4L Connect is a Hybrid Cloud Data Interoperability Platform that integrates systems and data to deliver Better Quality Data, Faster and for Less Money.



IMS Certified; Privacy Shield Certified


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The Safer Schools in America Impact Initiative, led by GG4L and McREL, facilitates an evidence-based positive school climate.



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