Admentum was founded in 2013, out of a passion for school, modern technology and smart solutions. In our development we combine these parts and deliver a sustainable school administration system that values ​​the time of the school staff and each student's right to succeed according to their conditions. Admentum is a combination of two words: administration and momentum. We believe that the name represents what we are and knows best - administration and forward movement.






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Admentum's smart administrative solutions free up valuable time for school staff who can focus on students and learning. The custodians get a simpler everyday life with the intuitive, easily accessible and secure information and communication channel. The solution is fully integrated with Canvas LMS and will migrate user data and create courses in Canvas with an automatic synchronization.


All student health documentation gathered in one place in a secure digital system with smart solutions. Admentum's Student Health module revolutionizes the work of the student health team by lifting it into a completely digital and cloud-based environment. The result is a more efficient and safer work on student health. It is easy to get started with the work as Admentum's Student Health has an intuitive and simple interface. Work safely with digital documents. Make the documents available to those who need access to them. All in a GDPR-secured environment. Simple, safe, smart!



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Futura Schools

My experience with Skolplattformen has been one of a solution oriented mindset. When I have asked for support and assistance, I am met quickly with expertise and an immediate solution. My experience with Skolplattformen has been professional and outstanding. I have always been meet with well rounded advice. VERONNA J POMEROY, REKTOR FUTURASKOLAN INTERNATIONAL STOCKHOLM



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Contact: Admentum
Wallingatan 37
Stockholm, 11124 Sweden
Phone: +46 739 80 70 20
Email: info@admentum.se

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