Allure Tec is focused to attend the Higher Education Sector and Corporate Universities on LATAM market as a provider of technology consulting, services, and support for education. Allure Tec provides Instructure clients with integration capabilities with Canvas via the IMS LTI standard. This service includes data integration between Canvas and a School Information System such as WiseOwl or any other that the educational community may use. As a Canvas Partner Allure Tec can help any institution make their integrations with Canvas with a team of experts.






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Allure Tec has deep expertise integrating popular learning management systems with learning applications using LTI. The goal of LTI is to provide a standard framework for integrating learning applications into the educational environment in a repeatable, scalable, simple way. Allure Tec provides Instructure clients with the latest integration capabilities.


WiseOwl is the School Management Platform of Allure Tec. For K-12 Institutions WiseOwl manages enrollments, payments, reporting, comunications with parents, academic planning, schedules, student history and archives, finances, admissions, among other. With a user friendy and easy to learn platform manage your school with ease. WiseOwl provides the best ond easier way to manage a School of any size. WiseOwl is integrated with Canvas to maximize any school potential and services.


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Martin Gerardo Jímenez

Allure Tec helped us to manage data from Canvas such as grades to integrate them to our ERP. For us it was great to work with them and are happy to continue working with Allure Tec.

Evelio Alanis

Using WiseOwl as our School Management Platform has made our processes easier and control all our areas with ease. The platform was implemented fast and communications wiith parents has never been easier. I vastly recommend WiseOwl.



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Contact: AllureTec
Larralde 109
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Phone: (81)88822800
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