Pope Tech provides web accessibility evaluation powered by WAVE integrated right into Canvas. Tools to help content editors create accessible content and reporting on accessibility. Course level and account level accessibility reporting LTI.







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Help instructors get feedback and create accessible content within their workflow. Our interactive Instructor Accessibility Guide integrates WAVE accessibility tests right into instructors’ Learning Management System (LMS). This provides instructors with accessible, fast, and accurate web accessibility testing for their courses as they create and edit them. Our easy-to-use interface gives instructors instant feedback on detected accessibility issues on any page. Integrated documentation and examples are also provided to help guide instructors through creating more accessible content. It makes creating accessible content easier for novice and expert accessibility users alike.


Want accessibility reporting on all LMS content? Our Accessibility Dashboards LTI provide institution-wide scanning and dashboard reporting of all LMS HTML content across all courses. The dashboard is integrated right into your LMS and the Instructor Accessibility Guide and provides each user with the level of reporting required for their role. For example: Instructors have a summary dashboard of all their courses, individual views of each course, and can drill into the Instructor Guide to view and fix page results. Sub account owners have access to dashboard reports of their sub account, as well as individual courses and pages. Admins can see summary dashboards of the entire account.








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